Not just for video games anymore, brands are using virtual reality to better understand their customers. CHICAGO – April 7, 2018 – This Behavioral Science lab is the first facility of it’s kind in the United...

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Not just for video games anymore, brands are using virtual reality to better understand their customers.

CHICAGO – April 7, 2018 – This Behavioral Science lab is the first facility of it’s kind in the United States, leveraging state of the art technologies to quickly test and measure real shopper behavior. The lab, located in Chicago, is poised to change the way manufacturers and retailers understand their customers.

Leveraging advancements in technology with eye tracking, facial coding, EEG, and GSR, Explorer Research can uncover the subconscious drivers of behavior giving brands valuable behavioral insights that lead to measurable gains. What people say and what people do can be very different, so immersing people in a real environment is the best way to measure their behavior.

The flexible 7,500 square foot lab can be used to test different store formats (grocery, drug, mass and convenience). The Explorer lab can accommodate up to a 60 foot run of product for large section testing. Within the lab, any category can be tested including grocery, frozen, fresh, and checkout.

The Explorer shopper lab has a dedicated life size virtual reality with eye tracking facility. As simply as putting on a headset, a shopper can be immersed in any store environment which can be quickly and easily changed.  This immersive yet flexible testing can be used for store of the future testing, package testing, planogram testing, innovation and signage testing. This allows companies to quickly test and get real behavioral insights leading to better in market results.

In the lab there is also a dedicated focus group room and client viewing into the shopper lab. Our lab also boasts a 1,500 foot team room which is ideal for team meetings, consumer collaboration or team brainstorming sessions.

Explorer Research blends traditional research techniques which captures attitudes with neuroscience and technology to measure the subconscious drivers of our behavior. These subconscious drivers influence the majority of our decision making and behavior. Explorer will go to great lengths to recreate any environment for testing. We tell our clients to think of our shopper lab as a movie set where we can stage any environment to test real reactions and behavior. One week our lab might be set up to replicate a quick service restaurant and the next week it replicates a grocery store. We will also use sound (music and  background noises) as well as scent as these are all factors that shape how we respond to different environments.

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“Explorer was the first research company to have a shopper lab in North America and we are very proud of our state of the art facility in Chicago. When building our shopper lab in Chicago, we listened to what our clients wanted in a facility and customized to their needs. We built a large facility that has the flexibility to test different store formats and can accommodate large runs of products. With the latest in technology including eye tracking, facial coding, EEG, GSR we can help uncover the subconscious drivers of behavior. We also have a Virtual Reality with eye tracking area in our lab that allows for shopper immersion and the ability to test different nudges that can change shopper behavior. Our new Shopper lab facility in Chicago allows for flexible, immersive testing for our clients, ultimately delivering better real life results. Contact me today to arrange for a tour of our facility.”
– Anne Stephenson, Founding Partner, Explorer Research

Explorer Research welcomes industry professionals to tour their state of the art facility by appointment, and welcomes media inquiries.

About Explorer Research:

Explorer Research is a behavioral research firm with locations in  Chicago, IL, and Toronto, CA specializing in how people interact with environments. Their lab approach with a digital testing facility, media testing room, focus group room and shopper lab are leading the industry in the use of advanced technologies for consumer research. All of their labs are equipped with eye-tracking, EEG and facial coding.

Explorer Research typically works with clients in the consumer goods, retail, technology, food service, consumer electronics and appliances, financial, automotive, and media industries. 

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/ue4Tlgpmc3k

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